FMAS into Digital Transformation

By Ann Aimerene Balitaan

Ann Aimerene, graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Far Eastern University (FEU) – Makati

Our newly regularized Accounting Associate at Francisco-Mendoza Accounting Services (FMAS)

FMAS has embraced the so-called digital transformation with the emergence and advent of cloud-based technology. Since Accounting and Taxation have been constantly developing and changing, the demand, and the need to efficiently and accurately translate economic reality into figures is essential whole year-round.

The Firm, together with their Accountants and Auditors have immersed themselves in one of the cloud-based technologies, named “JuanTax”, on May 18, 2021. The team started using JuanTax Software as a platform to provide some of its clients with a simple and straightforward way to become a digitally tax compliant.

JuanTax is the first Tax Software Provider (TSP) to be certified and recognized by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).  It is an all-in-one cloud-based solution that makes filing and paying taxes more convenient.

Last May 26, 2021, the team attended a webinar and training session to learn how to use the program properly.  FMAS has gained an understanding of the software’s implications for customers’ business, control environments, analyzed the risk of material misstatement and managed modifications to the firm’s processes and compliance in order to adapt to this digital transition.

When it comes to testing the program, the team works smartly to grasp its process and match the app’s capabilities to the needed requirements. The better the understanding of JuanTax, the easier it will be to implement the workflow processes as a firm.

True to the firm’s vision of providing excellent service, they trust that this new innovation can uplift business’ timely reporting and decision making. This serves the firm a stepping stone to fast mobilization and adaptation of the new accounting era of technological advancement.

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